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TTIP and Climate Change: Low economic benefits, real climate risks


This week’s climate change negotiations should inform many spheres of global governance—including international trade and investment policy. One of the most important trade and investment agreements is the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)—currently under negotiation between the European Union and United States—given the role it will likely play in establishing rules for the global economy in the 21st century.

Is ISDS in EU Trade Agreements Legal under EU Law?

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg is home of many significant historic venues.  It is the home to a number of European institutions such as the European Court of Justice, European Investment Bank and many others.  It is a smaller country in Europe, but full of old buidings, culture and monuments.

The unique judicial architecture and ambitious political aims of the European Union indicate that it is more than an international organization governed by international law. One of its special features is that its judicial system is open to individuals. Another …

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State Strategies for the Defence of Domestic Interests in Investor–State Arbitration


Several countries are now well experienced in investor–state dispute settlement (ISDS) and have had some success in defending domestic interests from investor claims based on international investment agreements (IIAs). This article discusses legal defence strategies employed by Argentina and Ecuador …


Does the Green Economy Need Investor–State Dispute Settlement?


Environmentalists have traditionally been among the staunchest critics of investor–state dispute settlement (ISDS). For those familiar with the litany of ISDS cases that have involved challenges to environmental regulations—ranging from bans on pesticides to efforts to save endangered species—the opposition …


Safeguarding Sustainable Development: Financing for Development and the International Investment Regime


Discussion of international investment governance has changed in character in recent years. While some specialists examined the potential negative sustainable development implications of international investment agreements (IIAs), in official forums the focus of previous decades was often on how to …