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UNASUR Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes: Comments on the Draft Constitutive Agreement

POMASQUI, ECUADOR - APRIL 15:  Building UNASUR, Union of South American Nations. It is one of the most modern buildings in the region, located close to half the world. April 15, 2015 in Pomasqui, Ecuador

The future operation of the investment dispute settlement facility of the Union of South American Nations is likely to generate scepticism, as it could undermine international standards in favour of regional parameters and lead to increased instability in the region. Alternatively, it could enhance the legitimacy and popularity of ISDS mechanisms in UNASUR member states. What are the procedural and substantive novelties contained in the Draft Constitutive Agreement?

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Can EU Member States Still Negotiate BITs with Third Countries?

european countries 3d illustration - european continent marked with flags

Foreign direct investment became part of the sphere of exclusive competence of the European Union in 2009. Since then, the European Commission has been negotiating investment treaties with a number of countries—as well as authorized several individual EU member states to negotiate BITs.

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Recasting Rules and Exceptions? On the Relationship Between Regulatory Sovereignty and International Investment Law

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States’ regulatory powers are the rule, and investors’ rights under international investment law are the exception. Or is it the other way around? Book review of Public Purpose in International Law.


Mappinginvestmenttreaties.com: Uncovering the secrets of the investment treaty universe

Did you know that the United Kingdom’s treaty network is twice as consistent as that of Egypt or Pakistan? Have you noticed that 81 per cent of the TPP’s investment chapter is the same as the investment chapter in the U.S.–Colombia FTA, concluded ten years before, in 2006? Treating investment treaty texts as data can equip policy-makers, practitioners and researchers with a more sophisticated understanding of the universe of international investment agreements.

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The Need for a Southern Observatory on Transnational Investment


The Observatory is an intergovernmental initiative to provide information and exchange of knowledge and experiences on investment arbitration. It also aims at creating equal conditions between investors and states so as to promote sustainable investment that respects state sovereignty.

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