Investment Treaty News Quarterly (ITN), Volume 7, Issue 4, December 2016

Investment Treaty News is IISD’s flagship quarterly journal on international investment law and policy.

By Martin Dietrich Brauch, Suzy H. Nikièma, Martin Dietrich Brauch, Jelena Bäumler, Sarthak Malhotra, Riham Marii, James Zhan, Diana Rosert, Claudia María Arietti López, Maria Florencia Sarmiento, Inaê Siqueira de Oliveira, Matthew Levine on December 11, 2016

Investment Treaty News is IISD’s flagship quarterly journal on international investment law and policy.

Featured articles:

  • Only a Brief Pause for Breath: The Judgment of the German Federal Constitutional Court on CETA, by Jelena Bäumler
  • India’s Joint Interpretive Statement for BITs: An Attempt to Slay the Ghosts of the Past, by Sarthak Malhotra
  • Special and Differential Treatment in International Investment Agreements, by Riham Marii
  • UNCTAD’s International Investment Agreements Conference 2016: Taking IIA Reform to the Next Level, by James Zhan and Diana Rosert

Summaries and analysis of recent arbitration awards and decisions:

  • Venezuela to pay US$1 billion for expropriating Canadian mining company’s investment (Rusoro Mining Ltd. v. the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, ICSID Case No. ARB(AF)/12/5), by Claudia María Arietti López
  • ICSID tribunal dismisses MFN clause in WTO GATS as a means of importing Senegal’s consent to arbitration from third party BIT (Menzies Middle East and Africa S.A. and Aviation Handling Services International Ltd. v. Republic of Senegal, ICSID Case No. ARB/15/21), by Suzy H. Nikièma
  • PCA tribunal deemed acts of Polish agricultural property agency not attributable to Poland (Mr. Kristian Almås and Mr. Geir Almås v. The Republic of Poland, PCA Case No. 2015-13), by Claudia María Arietti López
  • Claimant not considered investor due to interpretation of “seat” under Cyprus–Montenegro BIT (CEAC Holdings Limited v Montenegro, ICSID Case No. ARB(AF)/14/8), by María Florencia Sarmiento
  • Ecuador’s levy on extraordinary oil profits at a 99% rate has breached Murphy’s legitimate expectations, decides PCA tribunal (Murphy Exploration & Production Company - International v. Republic of Ecuador, PCA Case No. 2012-16 (formerly AA 434)), by Inaê Siqueira de Oliveira
  • Ecuador ordered by PCA tribunal to pay $24 million to Canadian mining company (Copper Mesa Mining Corporation v. Republic of Ecuador, PCA No. 2012-2), by Matthew Levine

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