Investment Treaty News (ITN), Volume 9, Issue 2, July 2018

Investment Treaty News (ITN) is IISD’s flagship journal on international investment law and policy.

By Martin Dietrich Brauch, Marina Ruete, Suzy H. Nikièma, Bart-Jaap Verbeek, Roeline Knottnerus, Frank J. Garcia, Fabio Morosini, Jorge Marchini, Josefina Morales, Gabriela Roffinelli, Trishna Menon, Kirrin Hough, Pietro Benedetti Teixeira Webber, Matthew Levine, Gladwin Issac on July 29, 2018

Investment Treaty News (ITN) is IISD’s flagship journal on international investment law and policy.

Featured articles:

  • The 2018 Draft Dutch Model BIT: A critical assessment, by Bart-Jaap Verbeek and Roeline Knottnerus
  • The Case Against Third-Party Funding in Investment Arbitration, by Frank J. Garcia
  • Making the Right to Regulate in Investment Law and Policy Work for Development: Reflections from the South African and Brazilian experiences, by Fabio Morosini
  • Conflicts between Latin American Countries and Transnational Corporations: The challenges of the region in the face of asymmetrical investment treaties, by Jorge Marchini, Josefina Morales and Gabriela Roffinelli

Summaries and analysis of recent arbitration awards and decisions:

  • ICSID tribunal finds Spain in breach of the FET standard under the Energy Charter Treaty (Masdar Solar & Wind Cooperatief U.A. v. The Kingdom of Spain, ICSID Case No. ARB/14/1), by Trishna Menon
  • Kosovo’s jurisdictional objections prevail against claims of German investor (ACP Axos Capital GMBH v. Republic of Kosovo, ICSID Case No. ARB/15/22), by Kirrin Hough
  • UNCITRAL tribunal declines jurisdiction as France–Mauritius BIT does not apply to dual national investor (Dawood Rawat v. The Republic of Mauritius, PCA Case 2016-20), by Pietro Benedetti Teixeira Webber
  • Investor ordered by ICSID tribunal to pay Canadian government CAD 9 million following failed NAFTA claim (Mercer International Inc. v. Government of Canada, ICSID Case No. ARB(AF)/12/3), by Matthew Levine
  • Luxembourg fund awarded EUR 53.3 million for FET breach arising out of Spain’s curtailment of renewable energy incentive schemes (Novenergia II - Energy & Environment (SCA) (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg), SICAR v. The Kingdom of Spain, SCC Case No. 063/2015), by Gladwin Issac

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