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Health in the Global Environmental Agenda: A policy guide

While there is growing awareness of the steep health impacts of global environmental changes—including the climate crisis, accelerating biodiversity loss, and an increasing saturation of plastic and chemical wastes—bringing the health and environment sectors together for joint action is easier said than done.

  • Stakeholders from the #health community are mostly unaware of—or not visible within—discussions and negotiations on global environmental policies.

    This can and must change to address Planetary Health and achieve the #SDGs.

  • The world in 2022 faces a triple planetary crisis of environmental degradation (#climate, #pollution, #biodiversity loss) and a Triple Billion global health burden of people who need better #health care.

  • Guidelines on issues such as air and water quality, diet, and pollution should be reflected in environmental assessments and influence national plans for climate change, biodiversity, and other issues.

This policy guide provides meaningful, succinct, and targeted information to enable health experts to engage in and follow global environmental processes at an elevated level, focusing on intersections where policy approaches could incorporate health and well-being issues. The report's goal is to create a bridge so experts on environmental agreements contribute to robust health policy, while health professionals strengthen environmental agreements—all while inviting a broad landscape view of Planetary Health and sustainable development.

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