Mika Schröder

Writer Earth Negotiations Bulletin

Mika Schroder is a Writer for the Earth Negotiations Bulletin, as well as a doctoral researcher at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. A Swedish national specialised in international environmental law and human rights, she has primarily covered biodiversity-related negotiations since joining the ENB team in 2019.

Mika's key interests pertain to the recognition and safeguarding of individual and community rights, knowledges and perspectives within environmental law and governance. She has experience working with grassroots organisations and activists in considering ways toward more inclusive decision-making processes in international biodiversity negotiations. She approaches her work from an interdisciplinary perspective and has worked with colleagues in sociology, anthropology, education and art. Alongside her research, Mika lectures on topics including international law and global environmental justice.

Mika holds an LLB (Queen Mary University), and an LLM of Global Environmental and Climate Change Law (University of Edinburgh). Outside of her academic work, she is also a community volunteer, kids climbing coach, and can often be found outside climbing, cycling, running, trekking, swimming, kayaking or simply being.

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