Building Bridges to a Just Transition: Connecting India's challenges and solutions with international experience

This brief provides an initial assessment of priorities and opportunities for research and information sharing on Just Transition in India, based on a review of international literature and expert interviews. Specifically, the brief identifies: global just transition elements most relevant for India; research topics needing further investigation to help support just transition in India; and India's experiences that might be useful for other emerging economies.

By Sandeep Pai on June 30, 2021
  • There are ~4 million direct & indirect jobs in #coal mining in #India. Further, coal is a significant identity issue—many workers consider themselves "coal warriors." Careful long-term planning for jobs & communities is essential for a #JustTransition.

  • In #India, state-owned enterprises focused on coal & coal power contribute ~3% of federal gov revenue, while states such as Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh & Odisha receive over 5% of revenue from coal. Part of a #JustTransition is planning for a fiscal transition.

  • In FY20 in #India, coal mining & power companies spent over INR 1k crore (USD 144 million) on corporate social responsibility (CSR) in over 90 districts. Long-term planning for #JustTransition must account for such contributions in coal-bearing areas.

Among the key research needs, it highlights:

  • Examination of other countries’ just transition plans for coal.
  • Mapping of stakeholders and their needs, particularly unionized and non-unionized workers and their communities, including to better understand the implications for just transitions of coal in personal and community identity.
  • Opportunities to diversify coal state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and coal-dependent regional economies based on international experience and research into local needs and attributes.
  • Options to reform coal sector pension funds, based on international experience, to ensure all current and future pensions are fully funded.
  • Potential for coal mining and coal power plant sites to become sources of employment and ongoing regional income; how funds could be raised for rehabilitation and development of sites.

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IISD, 2021