The Future of Resource Taxation: A roadmap

The framework document for the IGF and ATAF's Future of Resources Taxation project.

The Future of Resource Taxation is a dedicated dialogue for governments, civil society, and industry to exchange ideas on how the current system of mining taxation can be improved, as well as alternative options available to resource-rich countries to maximize the returns from their mineral wealth.

By Isaac Agyiri Danso, Thomas Lassourd, Alexandra Readhead, Jaqueline Taquiri, Nara Monkam, Ezera Madzivanyika on October 17, 2020
  • Most developing country governments have struggled to fully realize the expected revenues from the mining sector due to a range of challenges, both external, such as aggressive tax planning by multinationals, and internal, including weak enforcement of tax laws and overly generous tax incentives.

  • The current mining fiscal regime, with its reliance on corporate income tax and widespread use of tax incentives, is unlikely to deliver strong, sustained government revenue for developing countries.

  • Well-designed fiscal policy is necessary to ensure that resource-rich countries make the most out of the potential for additional sources of revenue and new economic linkages from low-carbon minerals.

The Future of Resource Taxation project is a partnership between the IGF and the African Tax Administration Forum (ATAF).

This document explains why now is the right time to take stock of mining taxation and consider alternative futures, as well as how the dialogue will work practically. It sets out how mining is typically taxed, explores the emerging trends (as well as old and new challenges that have motivated this project), and explains the various steps involved in the dialogue and participation. Finally, the document outlines the values that underpin this process.