Dam of hydroelectric power plant in Canadian Rockies

Electrifying Canada

The race to net-zero is on. If Canada wants to lead, it must accelerate electrification. The Electrifying Canada task force is guiding the way.

Electrifying Canada is a business-led task force, now being steered by the Transition Accelerator. Its initial goal, when first launched by IISD, was to develop a comprehensive and evidence-based framework to electrify large shares of the Canadian economy by enabling transportation, buildings, and industry to shift to electricity as their prime energy source. The goal of Phase 1 was to design, launch and recruit new members for a ‘deep-dive’ (Phase 2) that would scope critical issues and a shortlist of key moves for Canada to advance electrification.

Task force members include BMO, Cameco, First Nations Major Project Coalition, Dunksy, Innergex, Ivey Foundation, The Climate Institute, and more.