Developing Financeable Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions: A practitioner’s guide, online course and webinars

Building from experience in a number of developing countries, IISD has developed a guidebook for a standardized, country-driven process to identify and prioritize Nationally Appropriate Mitigations Actions (NAMAs) opportunities.

The goal of Developing Financeable NAMAs: A Practitioner’s Guide is to ensure that NAMAs meet a country's specific needs and align with pre-existing policy frameworks and development aspirations. The guidebook outlines both a "Quick Screen" methodology, used to identify NAMA opportunities that have the potential for climate finance, and a "Deep Screen" methodology, used to determine from a list of NAMA opportunities which are most appropriate for the country. IISD has also developed an online training program to guide practitioners and policy-makers in successfully identifying and prioritizing financeable NAMAs. To launch and pilot this online program, IISD hosted three webinars in July 2013. The webinars provided an overview of three of the online courses, Developing a NAMA Quick Screen, Deep Screen and Preparing a GHG Baseline Projection, and presented IISD's on-the-ground experience with NAMAs. Recordings from these webinars are available through IISD’s Learning Centre.

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