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Assessing the Carbon Integrity of Mitigation Actions

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Carbon markets are undergoing a significant evolution, mostly due to the emergence of multiple domestic carbon pricing systems that use different approaches. This means that carbon assets will have different climate change mitigation values and prices between jurisdictions.

As part of its Networked Carbon Markets initiative, the World Bank Group is interested in developing various tools for assessing design elements and outcomes of mitigation actions, in an attempt to facilitate comparability and, eventually, connectivity between different approaches. It is in that context that IISD developed a scorecard to assess the carbon integrity risks of Mitigation Actions, which includes key indicators and weightings to assess/score the carbon integrity risk. The scorecard is accompanied by a supplementary note to explain the rationale for choices and trade-offs made in its development. IISD made recommendations on next steps for conducting on-the-ground work in the selected case study countries. The outcome is to inform the World Bank's understanding of carbon asset assessment at the program level and its consultations with stakeholders about the carbon asset assessment process. This project was undertaken in partnership with the New Climate Institute.

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