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Winnipeg's International Institute for Sustainable Development Newest Member of Clean Air Renewable Energy Coalition

April 30, 2001

IISD becomes the first Manitoba-based coalition member

WINNIPEG — The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) has become the first Manitoba-based member of a national coalition of corporate, environmental non-governmental organizations (ENGOs) and municipal organizations seeking to accelerate the development of Canada's renewable energy industry. IISD seeks to promote positive actions and solutions on climate change internationally, nationally and locally.

"I am especially pleased IISD has become a member of this forward looking coalition. Renewable energy benefits the health of Canadians, our environment and our economy," said David Runnalls, IISD President and CEO. "The Clean Air Renewable Energy Coalition is working hard to encourage the federal and provincial governments to improve demand and access to markets for renewables in Canada. We need to be leaders or risk falling behind countries like the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Ireland, Japan and Australia which are already taking action in this area."

The coalition is currently recommending the federal government implement a Consumer Green Energy Credit to increase demand for "green power[1]"; and broaden the Canadian Renewable and Conservation Expense or the Investment Tax Credit treatments for new capital spending to support the supply of green power. These short-term policies would stimulate demand for green energy and send a clear signal to electricity entrepreneurs and providers to consider renewable energy technologies far more seriously. These actions will lead to cleaner air and help Canada meet its international commitments on climate change.

"Being a member of the Clean Air Renewable Energy Coalition will allow IISD to play a more active role in the national climate change debate," said John Drexhage, IISD Director of Climate Change initiatives. "The coalition represents a remarkable and highly effective mix of organizations. It is business leaders, municipal government representatives and members of the ENGO community working together to promote policies that will lead to environmental improvements, economic competitiveness and more diversified energy resources."

Clean Air Renewable Energy Coalition Members:

[1] These include the following technologies (not a comprehensive list): solar thermal and solar photovoltaic technologies, wind power, geothermal energy, run-of-river, micro- and mini-hydro technologies and other low-impact renewables described under the EcoLogo definition from Environment Canada.

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