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IISD Trade and Sustainability Review, Volume 2, Issue 2, June 2022

This edition of the IISD Trade and Sustainability Review explores topical issues in trade policy ahead of the WTO’s 12th Ministerial Conference—including intellectual property rights, fisheries subsidies, and trade and environment initiatives at the WTO.

By Managing Editor: Jennifer Freedman on June 7, 2022


A World Trade Organization Deal on Fisheries Subsidies: Across the finish line?

Written by Tristan Irschlinger and Alice Tipping

After more than 20 years of discussions, WTO members involved in the negotiations on fisheries subsidies are closer than ever to securing a deal. IISD’s Tristan Irschlinger and Alice Tipping outline what topics have been addressed and what questions remain in the latest draft agreement as members seek to reach final consensus.

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Global Food Crisis May Take Centre Stage at MC12 Agriculture Negotiations

Written by Facundo Calvo

The world is facing a global food security crisis as the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine take their toll on food supplies and markets. IISD’s Facundo Calvo discusses the implications for agriculture negotiations at the World Trade Organization’s 12th Ministerial Conference and outlines where concrete outcomes could be delivered.

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TRIPS Waiver Negotiations Go Down to the Wire in the Run-Up to MC12

Written by Thiru Balasubramaniam

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised concerns over the WTO’s rules on intellectual property rights and whether they are fit for purpose in the response to global health crises. Thiru Balasubramaniam from Knowledge Ecology International provides a summary of the progress made in negotiations about the existing agreement and the proposal for a waiver.

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Quo Vadis, World Trade Organization?

Written by Ieva Baršauskaitė and Alice Tipping

Most members agree that the WTO needs to be reformed to solve ongoing issues, such as those related to its negotiating function, the dispute settlement system, the transparency of its regular committees, and the role of the Secretariat. IISD’s Ieva Baršauskaitė and Alice Tipping explain what needs to be reviewed, what members' priorities are, and how reform can take place.

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Trade and Environment Agenda Inches Forward Ahead of MC12

Written by Ieva Baršauskaitė

Discussions on trade and environmental sustainability, plastic pollution, and fossil fuel subsidy reform within the WTO have continued to progress despite the postponement of the Twelfth Ministerial Conference. IISD’s Ieva Baršauskaitė takes a closer look at the activities taking place under the three main initiatives and their areas of focus ahead of the conference.

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Chairman Simon Manley Seeks to Breathe New Life Into Trade and Environment Committee

Written by Jennifer Freedman

New Chairman of the WTO’s Committee on Trade and Environment, Simon Manley, aims to uplift the voices of developing countries and achieve environmental goals with open and honest conversation between all parties. Jennifer Freedman, managing editor of IISD’s Trade and Sustainability Review, interviews Manley to gain further insights on his priorities for the year.

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Due Diligence Requirements to Tackle Deforestation: An overview of the EU and British proposals

Written by Andreas Oeschger and Florencia Sarmiento

New trade-related legislation proposals from the European Union and the United Kingdom have been put forward to address commodity-driven deforestation and forest degradation. IISD's Andreas Oeschger and Florencia Sarmiento discuss the policy proposals and outline some considerations on the way forward.

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Why Should We Repurpose Agricultural Support to Nature-Based Infrastructure?

Written by Emma Cutler and Facundo Calvo

Governments spend billions of dollars every year on agricultural subsidies that can incentivize practices that harm the environment and public health. IISD’s Emma Cutler and Facundo Calvo make the case for repurposing this support toward nature-based infrastructure that promotes more sustainable, more equitable, and more efficient food systems.

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