Nature-Based Infrastructure

SAVi has already been used for assessments on lakes and wetlands, and IISD is seeking opportunities to conduct SAVi assessments of other natural assets and compare them with civil engineering alternatives. We are also working on blended financing strategies for nature-based infrastructure. Examples of completed and ongoing projects are below.


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Auditing SDG Implementation: Expert meeting in New York

IISD is participating in an expert group meeting on the elaboration of a model to audit the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The event is being hosted by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs from July 24 to 26, 2019, in New York. We will discuss and review principles and... Read more »

SAVi Applications for Sustainability in Mining

Mining can do more than create wealth: it can benefit entire countries. For this to be a reality, however, mining projects must be undertaken in a sustainable manner which take into account social, environmental, and economic realities. This is why we launched a call for proposals for civil society organizations to put forward projects for... Read more »

Nature-Based Infrastructure For a Greener Economy

We are pleased to be collaborating with the Green Economy Coalition on a narrative about the contribution of natural infrastructure towards a green economic transition. The baseline is that infrastructure makes up a sizable part of the investment in green economy, and if all green economic assets are built using traditional high carbon design and... Read more »

Leveraging Collaboration for Sustainable Infrastructure

A multi-stakeholder approach is crucial to ensure financing infrastructure contributes to long-term sustainable development. This is why we met with the experts from European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s (EBRD) resilience and infrastructure teams in early July 2019 to explore collaborations on SAVi. The EBRD utilizes the Green Economy Transition approach to their work and... Read more »

SAVi in Senegal: Applications for wind and transportation

The SAVi team finalized the SAVi applications on the bus rapid transit system in Dakar, Senegal, and on the N’Diaye wind farm in Senegal. The Bureau Operationel du Suivi (BOS) monitors the implementation of both projects in relation to Senegal’s development plan (PSE, Plan Senegal Emergent). BOS requested the SAVi applications to get a better... Read more »

EVENT: Infrastructure Investment Frontiers

IISD participated in the Infrastructure Investment Frontiers June 5–6, 2019, in London, England. The event brought together infrastructure experts from policy, investment, business and civil society communities to forge a new approach to infrastructure finance to develop new models that can mobilize deep pools of capital at scale. The goal was to address the collective... Read more »

Innovative Solutions to Finance Infrastructure: Lessons from Malaysia

Around the world, citizens are demanding better infrastructure. The Yellow Vests in France have been taking to the streets since November 2018, demanding more affordable education, healthcare, transport and greater purchasing power. High school students are demanding public action to curb climate change. Political movements are on the rise that threaten the very fundamentals of... Read more »

Event: Paving the Way to the Future of Sustainable Infrastructure

We are presenting at the Sunway University in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, June 19, on paving the way to the future of sustainable infrastucture and how both ESG impact measurements and blockchain can shape the asset class. We will also discuss the track record of SAVi and lessons learned in the valuations of risks and externalities... Read more »

Green Climate Fund: Expert Meeting

Andrea Bassi was invited to join an Expert Meeting organized by the Green Climate Fund (GCF) on “Climate Information and Early Warning Systems,” held at the Permanent Mission of Switzerland in Geneva, Switzerland, on May 16, 2019. Participants discussed ways in which the GCF can improve its effectiveness in supporting countries committed to climate mitigation... Read more »