C3S Use Case: Agroforestry and Climate Adaptation in Belgium

The commune of Welkenraedt in the province of Liège in Belgium has developed a comprehensive plan for climate adaptation, incorporating agroforestry projects as one of its key strategies for doing so.

Understanding the effectiveness of these agroforestry projects in delivering on Welkenraedt’s climate adaptation plan involves assessing how these projects perform under different climate scenarios. For that, the best-in-class data from the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) will be integrated into our SAVi assessment for the Belgian commune.

These agroforestry projects will seek to maintain and restore soil productivity, combat erosion, maintain high water quality, and strengthen climate resilience of the area. Our assessment will bring together data from Welkenraedt on aspects such as the location of these projects and the ecosystem services they provide, among others, both to set a baseline scenario and simulate what an agroforestry intervention will look like.

The C3S data will be applied to this agroforestry intervention to see how different climate scenarios affect the outcome. We will include, for instance, data related to rainfall, air temperature, and wind changes.