Our training shows you how to use the SAVi methodology for planning, procuring, and financing sustainable infrastructure.  It includes the modelling principles and techniques used in SAVi and instructions on how the models can be customised for specific infrastructure projects or policies.

There is no prior background required for using the SAVi Academy.  All materials and models are available free of charge. The SAVi Academy is designed for policymakers, investors, and other interested stakeholders.  

We currently offer three modules. Additional modules will be available in the coming months.

Module 1 includes an introduction to sustainable infrastructure and the SAVi methodology.

Module 2 covers systems thinking and systems dynamics, which are core components of the SAVi methodology.

Module 3 covers the topics of infrastructure finance, while providing a detailed overview of how project finance modelling works under SAVi.

Each module includes a syllabus, related PowerPoints and models for download, and a list of suggested reading materials.

Module 1, Module 2, and Module 3 are now available online.

Module 1: SAViModule 2: SAVi system dynamicsModule 3: SAVi project finance
a. Sustainable infrastructure
b. SAVi essentials
c. SAVi examples
d. SAVi indicators
e. SAVi database
a. Systems thinking
b. System dynamics
c. Modelling process
d. Vensim tutorial (manual and
downloadable Vensim file)
a. Corality Smart: the basics
b. Infrastructure finance: innovative
financial instruments, PPPs, credit
enhancement strategies
c. Project finance tutorial (manual and
downloadable Excel file)