EVENT: Infrastructure Investment Frontiers

IISD participated in the Infrastructure Investment Frontiers June 5–6, 2019, in London, England.

The event brought together infrastructure experts from policy, investment, business and civil society communities to forge a new approach to infrastructure finance to develop new models that can mobilize deep pools of capital at scale.

The goal was to address the collective needs for improved economic, transportation, logistics, water, waste, sanitation and health infrastructure for frontier economies.

The event tackled a variety of topics, including:

  • What and how will new models of co-investment address gaps in infrastructure provision for frontier economies?
  • Can new forms of community-driven investment begin to address the needs of social infrastructure?
  • What is the role of innovation and new technology in meeting infrastructure needs?
  • What institutional architecture can support new investment models?

Oshani Perera, Director, Public Procurement and Infrastructure Finance, spoke at the event and highlight our credit enhancement inventory. The inventory covers a range of instruments offered by multilateral development banks, bilateral development finance institutions, guarantee facilities, insurance companies and export credit agencies. We also highlighted SAVi and how it can be used to asses the costs of environmental, social and economic risks. Participants expressed great interest in assessing risks in financial terms, particularly in the context of infrastructure businesses as opposed to infrastructure projects.

FenElpi Partners, a boutique consultancy, is the organizer of this event. You can learn more on their website.