WTO and Sustainable Development (A chapter in "The WTO and East Asian Regional Integration")

By Mark Halle on April 10, 2006

Contrary to popular opinion that suggests the trade and environment agenda is stalled, IISD's Trade and Investment Director, Mark Halle, argues in a chapter for a forthcoming WTO book that the environment is alive and well, and thriving in the WTO. Although negotiations on trade and environment may not have progressed dramatically, the action of the WTO Dispute Settlement system, and in particular the Appellate Body, has clarified the relationship between the rules governing trade and those governing environment in ways that will delight defenders of the environmental regime.To be published in Yasuhei Taniguchi, Alan Yanovich and Jan Bohanes (eds.), The WTO and East Asian Regional Integration (publication by the WTO expected in Winter 2006).

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