Toolkit on Internet Public Policy Dialogue: Tools for the Practitioner

By Ben Akoh, Bjørnar Egede-Nissen, Heather Creech on September 11, 2012

This Toolkit can be used by new or emerging public policy groups seeking to understand and support public policy dialogue with stakeholders.

It is based on two central activities: the gathering of evidence to support policy recommendations, and the securing of consent among the stakeholders to be affected by policy change.These tools have been identified through IISD's experience in the emerging domain of Internet public policy and have been tested with partners in Canada (developed), West Africa (developing countries) and at the global United Nations Internet Governance Forum.The Toolkit contains lessons learned, pitfalls to avoid, and processes that have worked in public policy spaces. This knowledge will help practitioners who would like to develop new policy dialogue forums or processes, jump-start stagnant ones, or define baseline data for further research that will help to develop dynamic and nuanced policy spaces. This Toolkit equips the practitioner with tools needed to conceptualize, develop and foster sustainable and all-inclusive multistakeholder public policy platforms.

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Technology and Innovation
IISD, 2012