A Timbit with that Double-Double? Costs and emission reductions of renewed carbon policy in Alberta

By David Sawyer on June 2, 2014

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Alberta is set to renew its 2007 Specified Gas Emitter Regulation (SGER), which will expire in September 2014. Recent indications are that Alberta is considering a “double-double” approach, which doubles the current regulatory standard of a 12 per cent intensity improvement and CAD$15 price ceiling. This report examines the implications of a renewed SGER with both a 24 per cent greenhouse gas intensity improvement that sets the greenhouse gas reductions required from the oil and gas sector and a $30 per tonne price ceiling that sets a maximum cost obligation to comply with the regulations.

A renewed SGER policy based on double-double parameters would deliver emission reductions inside and outside the oil and gas sector while providing research and development incentives through technology fund recycling. The costs of the double-double proposal are less than the price of a Timbit per barrel, or $0.13; however, emission reductions would be equal about 20 per cent of Canada’s remaining Copenhagen emissions gap in 2020.

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IISD, 2014