Sustainable Asset Valuation Tool: Natural infrastructure

Technical background document for the IISD's Sustainable Asset Valuation tool (SAVi) for natural infrastructure.

By Andrea Bassi, Laurin Wuennenberg, Georg Pallaske, Lidia Graces, Lydia Silber on February 28, 2019

The paper summarizes available literature on the shortcomings of grey infrastructure for the provision of various ecosystem services and the advantages of natural infrastructure and green-grey (hybrid) infrastructure concerning land security, climate regulation and water security. Shortcomings, risks, roadblocks, enabling policy interventions and methodologies for performance measurement are discussed in depth for two natural infrastructure types: freshwater wetlands and green infrastructure for urban water management.

This publication serves as a technical document for the development of IISD's Sustainable Asset Valuation tool (SAVi) for natural infrastructure, a simulation tool that integrates knowledge from various disciplines and sectors for sustainable asset valuation.

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