Sharing Climate Adaptation Tools: Improving decision-making for development

By on June 26, 2007

In April 2007, 40 representatives gathered in Geneva to attend the two-day workshop, "Sharing Climate Adaptation Tools: Improving decision-making for development." Co-hosted by the International Institute for Sustainable Development, the World Bank and the Institute of Development Studies, the workshop brought together those working on and interested in adaptation tools related to development assistance to compare notes, particularly in the context of developing common approaches related to G8, OECD and UNFCCC processes. Workshop participants:

  • Shared different screening tools and processes to support adaptation to climate change;

  • Discussed databases and other sources of climate information for screening tools;

  • Identified options for extending, improving and linking different screening tools; and

  • Highlighted some of the common problems and issues in developing and implementing adaptation tools.

The workshop combined presentations and discussions with practical demonstrations of tools. The workshop demonstrated that:

  • Cross-referencing and collaboration is occurring, particularly among the research community;

  • Inefficient replication appeared to be limited, at least among the tools presented here; rather, tools are targeting a particular niche approach or user group; and

  • A broadly common approach is evident that integrates climate-related impacts as an additional stressor; adaptive responses should therefore build into existing decision-making structures, languages, and priorities.

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Institute for Development Studies
Institute for Development Studies, 2007