Rethinking National Investment Laws

A study of past and present laws to inform future policy-making

This report uncovers the evolution, functions, and potential of national investment laws. It provides a comprehensive guide for policy-makers to understand and reform these laws to meet challenges such as climate change and global inequality.

By Jonathan Bonnitcha, Suzy H. Nikièma, Taylor St John on July 10, 2023
  • Dive into the evolution of national investment laws from the 1950s to now. Discover how policy objectives and standards have shaped them. #investmentlaws #sustainableinvestment

  • Beyond the controlling vs. facilitative distinction, uncover the seven main functions of today's investment laws in our comprehensive report. #investmentlaws

  • Looking ahead: Our report offers a practical framework for reforming investment laws to meet future challenges. #investmentlaws #sustainableinvestment #climateaction #SDGs

The report analyzes 70 laws, identifies their seven main functions, and explores how they've been shaped by policy objectives and international standards.

On July 27, the authors and leading experts discussed the report's key findings and recommendations, watch the webinar here

Key themes of the report include the evolution of investment laws, policy objectives, sustainable development, investment treaties, and the future of investment law reform.

"Rethinking National Investment Laws" is a must-read for policy-makers aiming to design investment laws that meet their country's specific needs and policy objectives, as well as anyone interested in the dynamics of national and international investment governance.