Poverty Alleviation and Sustainable Development: Implications for the Management of Natural Capital

By A. Markandya on January 27, 2002
The purpose of this workshop is to see how the ideas of sustainable development fit into the vision for development articulated by Stiglitz in his Prebish lecture at UNCTAD in 1998. This is quite a challenge; Stiglitz barely mentions the term sustainable development in his entire lecture. Further he only twice refers (briefly) to the environment or natural capital, which are the specific issues to be covered in this paper. It is hard to imagine that these concepts were high on his mind when he prepared the lecture.

In this paper, I will begin by looking at the literature on sustainable development, focus on the role of natural capital, and see what it implications it has for poverty alleviation. The next section will look at the ideas for economic development outlined by Stiglitz and see what one can draw out in terms of implications for sustainable development and natural capital management. The final section of the paper addresses the specific questions the organizers want answered, which relate to the Stiglitz paper and the guiding principles of sustainable development.

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IISD, 2002