NAMA Concepts for Trinidad and Tobago

By Melissa Harris, Jason Dion, David Sawyer on January 15, 2013

This policy brief presents the results of a screening exercise to identify NAMA concepts for Trinidad and Tobago.

The goal of this high-level country analysis is to identify NAMA concepts that align with Trinidad and Tobago's development aspirations, conform to pre-existing policy frameworks,and have associated sustainable development co-benefits. Multiple government planning documents were reviewed and applied to a standardized NAMA quick screen process to identify NAMA concepts that could be further validated and turned into NAMA proposals for Trinidad and Tobago. In total, 26 NAMA concepts were identified, which could be taken forward by Trinidad and Tobago for further consideration.This document is part of IISD's continued effort to promote low-carbon, climate-resilient development globally.

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Climate Change Mitigation
Trinidad and Tobago
Focus area
IISD, 2013