Measuring Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviours towards Sustainable Development: Two Exploratory Studies

By Alex C. Michalos, Heather Creech, Christina McDonald, P. Maurine Hatch Kahlke on January 27, 2009
The United Nations Decade for Education for Sustainable Development seeks to encourage changes in behaviour towards sustainable development. Work is underway around the world to integrate SD concepts and values into the learning process. But how do we measure whether behaviours are changing as a result? This paper is a first attempt to devise standardized tests for knowledge, attitudes and behaviours toward sustainable development, in adults and students.

This report has also been published in the journal Social Indicators Research:

Michalos, A., Creech, H., McDonald, C., Kahlke, P.M.H. (2011). Knowledge, Attitudes and Behaviours Concerning Education for Sustainable Development: Two Exploratory Studies. Social Indicators Research 100:391-413.

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IISD, 2009