Increasing Community Resilience to Climate-Related Disasters through Sustainable Livelihoods (Livelihoods and Climate Change Information Paper 1)

By SEI, IUCN, Intercooperation, IISD on November 28, 2003
In an effort to encourage the use of ecosystem management and restoration activities in climate change adaptation strategies, IUCN, IISD, SEI-B and Intercooperation have produced a series of Information Papers to highlight successful examples of where such activities have decreased community vulnerability to climate-related hazards such as droughts and floods.

This first paper of the series is a two-page summary of the purpose, rationale and multi-disciplinary approach that characterizes IUCN, IISD, SEI-B and Intercooperation's project on climate change adaptation.

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IISD, SEI, IUCN and Intercooperation, 2003