IGF Mining Policy Framework Assessment: Mauritania

An IGF Mining Policy Framework assessment of Mauritania's mining law and policies conducted at the request of the Government of Mauritania and in collaboration with the Ministry of Petroleum, Energy and Mines.

By Alec Crawford, Clémence Naré , Karim Samoura on August 22, 2017

Since independence, the mining sector has been the backbone of the Mauritanian economy.

As such, governmental priorities have been to promote the sector to make it more attractive for investors and to promote sustainable development within the sector. In order to support greater modernization of this vital economic sector and to design a more effective mining legal regime, the Mauritanian government required an IGF Mining Policy Framework assessment to guide this process.

This report presents the results of the in-country assessment and provides an in-depth diagnosis of the mining sector in Mauritania in terms of strengths, opportunities and areas for improvement. It is based on a grid analysis of six pillars: the legal and political contexts, socioeconomic benefit optimization for local communities and other stakeholders, financial benefit optimization, environmental management, post-mining transition, and artisanal and small-scale mining.

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