Global Market Report: Palm Oil

This report examines how voluntary sustainability standards can mitigate some of the worst environmental impacts of producing palm oil, the world’s most consumed edible oil.

Key Messages

  • Palm oil producers are increasingly following voluntary sustainability standards (VSSs).
  • VSS-compliance can mitigate some of the worst environmental and social impacts of palm oil production.
  • The palm oil market is large and expanding, offering big potential for VSSs to have a positive impact.

Palm oil is the most widely used vegetable oil in the world. It is used in numerous edible and personal care products as well as feedstock for biofuels. However, palm oil production has been linked to deforestation and other negative environmental and social impacts. 

This report, part of IISD's Sustainable Commodities Marketplace Series, examines the growth and potential for voluntary sustainability standards to mitigate some of palm oil production's worst environmental and social impacts.

Report details

Standards and Value Chains
State of Sustainability Initiatives
Focus area
IISD, 2020