Food Price Inflation and Food Security: A Morocco case study

By Jason Dion, Vivek Voora, Sabrina Shaw, Gabriel A. Huppé on January 29, 2013

This report comes in the context of rising food prices and UN predictions of a looming global food crisis in 2013.

Written at the request of Pulse Canada, it provides insight into food price inflation and food security in low-income countries, and the implications for international agricultural trade. The paper examines Morocco's food security strategy and trade policy to assess the socioeconomic implications of reducing import tariffs on Canadian lentils. This report provides important detailed analysis of the relationship between pulses and Morocco's efforts to open up its economy in the context of the current global economic situation. Morocco has a range of options available to move towards addressing the food security and trade policy nexus in the framework of sustainable development strategies, particularly in the agricultural sector. Moreover, these different options are not mutually exclusive, and are relevant in the shorter to medium and longer term.

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Food and Agriculture
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IISD, 2013