Financing Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs): Leveraging private investment

By Jason Dion, Deborah Murphy, Melissa Harris, Avet Khachatryan, Jason Dion, David Sawyer, Melissa Harris on June 10, 2014

An animated infographic for this paper can be found here.

Sustainable financing of NAMAs in many cases ultimately requires blending funds from public and private sources, so it is essential that NAMA developers try to maximally leverage private investment. But the question of how to do so in practice can be complex. This report offers guidance to developing country NAMA practitioners and NAMA funders seeking to leverage private investment in their NAMA projects.  Drawing on case studies, it identifies six key aspects crucial to developing bankable NAMAs and offers guidance on risk mitigation policies that can be instituted to increase NAMAs’ bankability. The paper also offers a set of specific recommendations for both practitioners and donors looking to maximize private investment in their NAMAs.

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