2012 SEED Symposium and SEED Winners Workshop: The Green Economy in Africa: Climate change and energy, agriculture and food security, and the role of grassroots entrepreneurs

By Heather Creech, Gabriel A. Huppé on May 8, 2013

On March 29, 2012, over 100 people gathered in Pretoria, South Africa at the CSIR International Convention Centre to explore the role of social and environmental enterprises in shaping the Green Economy.

The 2012 SEED Symposium was the second in a series of annual events designed to bring together start-up entrepreneurs, government leaders, international organisations, research institutions and the private sector. Through keynote presentations, guest speakers, panel sessions and discussion, Symposium participants explored two central questions:

  • How are these enterprises—often with only one or two owners or employees—supporting the Green Economy?

  • What do they need from their governments and other stakeholders in the way of support and enabling conditions, in order to succeed?

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