Indicators for the Sustainable Management of Tourism

By Edward W. Manning on January 27, 2002
The tourism sector requires better information to support its sustainability. Recognizing this, the WTO Environment Committee established a task force to investigate the development of international indicators of sustainable tourism for the sector. These indicators will support industry decision-makers in managing the fortunes of the industry in the face of growing concern globally and locally about environmental quality. The indicators are designed to address the links between the tourism industry and the environment, the impact of the industry on the environment, and the effects of social and natural environmental factors on the prosperity of the industry. This initiative contains indicators both for the industry itself and for the governments who oversee tourism development and tourism activity. The initiative to develop indicators of sustainable tourism began with a proposal from Canada (Annex 2) to the WTO Tourism Committee. At the April 1992 meetings in Madrid, a Working Group was struck to carry out the development process and report back to the WTO Environment Committee in the spring of 1993. This is the report of that committee, prepared and submitted by the committee Chair, Dr. Edward W. Manning of Tourism Canada. The report reflects the results of a workshop held at the International Institute for Sustainable Development in Winnipeg Canada, and several rounds of review and input by the Working Group members.

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World Tourism Organization | Industry Science and Technology Canada
International Working Group on Indicators of Sustainable Tourism, 2002