SAVi Database: A primer

IISD has developed a database of available knowledge on the valuation of infrastructure project externalities, costs and climate risks. This publication demonstrates how we use the database for the assessments of infrastructure projects with the SAVi methodology. 

By Abigail Schlageter on January 26, 2020

SAVi is an assessment methodology that provides policy-makers and investors with a comprehensive analysis of how much their infrastructure projects and portfolios will cost throughout their life cycles, taking into account risks that are overlooked in a traditional valuation.

SAVi uses a combination of system dynamics and project finance modelling to capture the full costs of environmental, social, economic and governance risks. Moreover, SAVi calculates the dollar value of externalities that result from infrastructure development.

The database is one of the central pillars for infrastructure project assessments with the Sustainable Asset Valuation (SAVi) methodology. It provides informed estimates of the systemic costs and benefits related to infrastructure projects when project-specific information is unavailable. This database is designed to help estimate the financial performance of infrastructure assets. It includes the value of social, environmental and governance externalities, and climate risks that are typically unaccounted for in conventional project assessments.

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