Global Connectivity Program

By Heather Creech on September 22, 2011

IISD cannot, by itself, shift the world to sustainability. We cannot connect critical masses of actors with knowledge and with each other without clear, effective policies and protocols for the development and deployment of the underlying "global connectivity system."

Those working toward sustainable development need robust, open, accessible, global communications infrastructures, technologies and services to support the exchange of knowledge and the building of relationships.The Global Connectivity Program considers current trends driving our interest, such as: a world wired to its natural and built environments, a global digital economy and a virtual global village of ideas and influence. With these trends in mind, the Global Connectivity Program is focusing on key areas of concern, which include the transition to Internet Protocol version6 (IPv6), universal affordable access to broadband networks and services and confidence and trust in the online environment. The Global Connectivity Program is committed to keeping economic, social and environmental objectives front of mind when considering these objectives in governance of the Internet and its related technologies.

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