Operationalizing the Environment-Health Nexus in Asia and the Pacific

A Policy Guide on Opportunities for Enhancing Health, Biodiversity, Food System and Climate Action

This policy guide aims to support policymakers and stakeholders in the Asia-Pacific region to address environment-health risks and safeguard human health and well-being while protecting ecosystems. Specifically, it provides an overview of concrete opportunities to mainstream the environment-health nexus in public policies in Asia and the Pacific, including those pertinent to health, biodiversity loss, food systems, and climate change

This guide also lays out pathways to strengthen the enabling factors for operationalizing an environmentally comprehensive One Health approach. This guidance supports a regional approach to the global One Health Joint Plan of Action launched in 2022, and highlights the achievements of countries in their pursuit of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Multiple case studies, resources, and guiding principles can be found throughout the policy guide to support decision-making in the environment-health nexus at national and regional levels.


Guide details

The Health-Environment Nexus
IISD, 2022