Developing national adaptation monitoring and evaluation systems: A guidebook

By Hayley Price-Kelly, Anne Hammill, Julie Dekens, Timo Leiter, Julia Olivier on December 31, 2015

This guidebook is intended for decision makers and technical advisors involved in the development of national monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems for adaptation, particularly in developing and middle-income countries.

Its objective is to guide decision making regarding the purpose, design, operationalization, and use of results of an appropriate system for national M&E of adaptation. Given its close linkages with the broader development and M&E context in a given country, the guidebook recognizes that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to national M&E of adaptation: Experience shows that decision makers in different countries have chosen very different approaches depending on the specific context.

This guidebook therefore leads the reader through a series of questions for consideration, responses to which will provide a basis for identifying practical steps towards the adoption of a national adaptation M&E system that best suits a given country. These questions for consideration are divided into four interrelated building blocks related to understanding the context of the M&E system, identifying the content to monitor, designing a process for operationalization, and deciding how to present results through products that will respond to the purpose of the M&E system.