Guidebook on Monitoring and Evaluation of Adaptation at National and Sub-National Levels

As adaptation finance and the number of adaptation activities and strategies being pursued by governments grow, so does the need for robust monitoring and evaluation (M&E) approaches at national and sub-national levels.

The M&E of adaptation is not only becoming an important aspect of climate finance and climate finance readiness, it is also an integral part of the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) process. To date, there is limited but growing experience in countries worldwide in setting up M&E systems or structures for monitoring their climate change adaptation actions and outcomes. What is still missing are some practical and comprehensive guidelines that can help decision-makers to develop an understanding of the M&E of adaptation and its usefulness, and to select an approach to the M&E of adaptation in a given national or sub-national context.

In collaboration with GIZ, IISD developed a practical guidebook to fill this gap. The guidebook leads decision-makers through a series of considerations to take into account when designing and implementing an approach to the M&E of adaptation that fits country-specific circumstances. It draws on case studies of early experiences by countries developing systems for the M&E of adaptation at national and sub-national levels, and signposts users to relevant existing resources and frameworks. This project built on IISD’s broader body of work on the M&E of adaptation, including another recent collaboration with GIZ on a review and comparative analysis of M&E systems in 10 countries.

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