Global Environmental Governance: A Reform Agenda

By Adil Najam, Mihaela Papa, Nadaa Taiyab on August 20, 2006
Global Environmental Governance (GEG) is the sum of organizations, policy instruments, financing mechanisms, rules, procedures and norms that regulate the processes of global environmental protection. Since environmental issues entered the international agenda in the early 1970s, global environmental politics and policies have been developing rapidly. The environmental governance system we have today reflects both the successes and failures of this development. It has become increasingly clear that the GEG system, as we know it, has outgrown its original design and intent. This book identifies a number of practical steps that can foster more efficient and effective global environmental governance, making better use of the resources available and designed in a way that will be more helpful to the implementation of international environmental agreements for developing as well as developed countries. This publication was supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

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IISD, 2006