Developing a Pathway for Universal Infrastructure Coverage

The urgent need for new infrastructure investment coupled with the financial impacts of the COVID-19 crisis coincides with the rapid disruption of infrastructure through new technology. The impact of this disruption is so profound that, for the first time in history, it is possible to articulate an ambition of universal infrastructure coverage.

By Paul Clements Hunt, Gordon Noble on February 28, 2021
  • Establishing an ambition for universal infrastructure coverage recognizes that the disruption that is occurring in infrastructure is reducing the capital cost that is required to deliver outcomes.

  • Infrastructure is subject to the same forces of technology disruption that have impacted established sectors, including newspapers, music, and high street retail businesses. Today, we stand at a watershed moment where technology is disrupting infrastructure service delivery models.

Developing a new investment model that enables and facilitates universal infrastructure coverage will require new capabilities, including the development of stewardship principles that will align the management of an infrastructure business with its community. Turning the current trickle of capital that is being invested in developing-country infrastructure into a mighty river comes down to simple propositions, which are analyzed in this brief.