Renewable Readiness Assessment

To respond to the demands of their members in 2011 the International Renewable Energy Agency established a project in partnership with IISD to provide an assessment of the political and institutional ability to accommodate additional renewable energy in the energy sector.

The partnership saw the successful inception, definition and the first phase of pilot studies for the Renewables Readiness Assessment (RRA). The concept of the RRA is now widely recognised and has come to be seen as a key part of IRENA’s work programme. Since the start of IISD’s contract with IRENA in August 2011 the Renewables Readiness Assessments have moved from an idea to a tested process with a track record and strong future.

IISD’s role was to develop the initial methodology and to participate in the pilot studies in Mozambique and Senegal. In addition, IISD produced a series of reports to inform the design of the RRA and to provide the national and regional context to the pilot missions. Following a positive reception to the pilot missions the methodology was rolled out by IRENA to the wider IRENA membership. 

Project details

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