Pakistan Low Carbon Scenarios

Pakistan is a developing country that is impacted by climate change, while being a small contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions. However, national emissions will increase with population, economic, industrial and urban growth. Appropriate low-carbon interventions can help to ensure that Pakistan remains a low emitter as the country develops, without hampering growth. Through a low carbon scenario analysis, IISD will support strengthening the mitigation planning evidence base in Pakistan by establishing a business-as-usual reference case for emissions growth and low carbon development options in key sectors. The project will provide the Government of Pakistan with support to better understand mitigation options and improve mitigation policy, planning and programmes through a low carbon scenario analysis. It will further provide the government with information that can support input to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, including information to develop Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions, Intended Nationally Determined Contributions, National Communications and Biennial Update Reports. In addition, the information can help to identify resource needs through climate finance, including the Green Climate Fund. The work is performed in partnership with the Energy research Centre of the Netherlands and the Centre for Climate Research and Development.

Project details