Independence Square, Kyiv

Green Reconstruction of Ukraine

We make the case for a sustainable, resilient, and equitable recovery in Ukraine. 

On February 24, 2022, Russia initiated a full-scale war of aggression against Ukraine that has resulted in a devastating loss of life and catastrophic damage to Ukraine’s infrastructure and environment. A joint assessment by the Ukrainian government, the European Commission, the United Nations and the World Bank estimated the cost of reconstruction and recovery across social, productive and infrastructure sectors in Ukraine to be USD 486 billion. The Ukrainian government previously estimated the full cost for post-war reconstruction to be nearly USD 750 billion.

A sustainable, equitable and resilient recovery is urgently needed, with careful consideration of economic, social, and environmental factors to ensure the best possible future for Ukraine.

Since 2022, IISD has been developing policy recommendations, providing analytical input and supporting European and Ukrainian organizations in designing approaches to the sustainable recovery and development of Ukraine. IISD is supporting knowledge exchange between more than 50 non-governmental organizations working on various aspects of recovery with a common goal to build Ukraine back better.  

With IISD's expertise in green and circular economic development models, energy transition, sustainable infrastructure, and public procurement, we aim to inform policymakers and the international community about sustainable and green solutions that are relevant and applicable to Ukraine today. 

Our work:

  • Technical assistance
  • Media engagement
  • Policy analysis


  • Green economy
  • Circular economy
  • Energy transition
  • Green energy
  • Just transition
  • Green public procurement
  • Sustainable infrastructure