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Earth Negotiations Bulletin

For more than two decades, Earth Negotiations Bulletin has provided transparency and accountability to international policy-making at the United Nations.

Earth Negotiations Bulletin is a balanced, timely and independent reporting service on United Nations environment and development negotiations. Our team provides daily coverage at selected environment and development negotiations, distributing digital and print summaries of critical talks. At the conclusion of each meeting, ENB publishes an in-depth summary and analysis of the meeting.

Many UN delegates, ministers and other governmental officials, NGOs, the business community, the academic community, the media and UN staff who track environment and sustainable development policy consider the Earth Negotiations Bulletin to be essential reading. The Bulletin has received high praise for its objective and comprehensive presentation of the facts.

Visit enb.iisd.org to view coverage of global environmental negotiations extending back to 1992 or subscribe to ENB Update to receive reports, photos, and videos from negotiations around the world.