Conducting Consultations and Developing a Communications Strategy for Egypt for Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reform

The IISD Global Subsidies Intiative worked with the Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum and the World Bank on a communications strategy for energy subsidy reform with an emphasis on short-term priorities and work to prepare the ground for subsidy reform.  

This involved a broad-set of qualitative research to understand stakeholder attitudes and perceptions, encompassing surveys and focus group discussions with industry, transport and households. Drawing on this, IISD-GSI designed a program of communications and awareness-raising actions to be used by the Egyptian Government to support energy subsidy reform in Egypt. Specifically IISD-GSI undertook research assessing impacts on stakeholders, stakeholder views and influence, mapped the decision making process, developed a communication strategy, developed a communications plan, gave project direction and management and delivered a workshop. 

Project details

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