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  • September 17, 2018

    Government handouts of public money to fossil fuel industry undermine climate solutions – study

    Federal government uses hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars to support the fossil fuel industry, keeps true cost of subsidies hidden from Canadians

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  • September 06, 2018

    Dr. Michael Paterson, Gail Asper and Family to Match $1,000,000 of Donations to IISD Experimental Lakes Area

    Dr. Michael Paterson, Gail Asper and family have just announced that they will match, dollar-for-dollar, $1,000,000 of donations to IISD Experimental Lakes Area (IISD-ELA)—the world’s freshwater laboratory—in northwestern Ontario.

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  • September 05, 2018

    Toxic soil cleanup too expensive for governments

    New financial tools and sources must be harnessed to fund soil restoration and remediation projects to improve communities’ health, according to a new series of reports from a coalition of researchers from the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), the Norwegian Institute of Water Research and the Chinese Academy of Environmental Planning (CAEP).  “When our soils...

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  • September 04, 2018

    Michael Paterson, Gail Asper and Family to Make Funding Announcement about IISD Experimental Lakes Area in Kenora

    Michael Paterson, Gail Asper and family will make an announcement regarding funding to IISD Experimental Lakes Area in Kenora on Thursday September 6, 2018.

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  • August 14, 2018

    Will the world's switch to renewable energy support conflict?

    The growing use of solar panels, electric vehicles and wind turbines could fuel fragility, conflict, and violence if not managed properly, says a new report by the International Institute for Sustainable Development.

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  • July 25, 2018

    Innovative investment treaty supporting clean energy transition tops global contest

    A team including experts from the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) was chosen as one of two winners of the Stockholm Treaty Lab’s top prize. The global competition crowdsourced expertise in various areas—including law, economics, science and climate change policy—to encourage climate-friendly investment through international law. Over 20 teams from around the...

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  • July 18, 2018

    Media Availability: Canada's carbon crunch as the Premiers meet

    As Canada’s premiers gather in New Brunswick (July 18-20, 2018), the country’s plan to combat climate change is under hot debate. Resistance from key leaders – including Ontario’s recently elected Premier Ford – has delivered a body blow to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s carbon price promises.Experts from the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) are available to comment...

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  • June 28, 2018

    Pipeline paralysis should not halt all climate action in Canada: IISD

    On June 28, 2018, an expert council of energy industry representatives, Indigenous leaders, researchers and sustainability experts—including Jane McDonald, Managing Director from IISD—provided recommendations to Minister of Natural Resources, Jim Carr, on how Canada can transition to a low-carbon economy.

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  • June 15, 2018

    Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce Annual Luncheon showcases how the city is aligning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

    The new Peg website uses innovative technology to track how Winnipeg is doing on key issues and, for the first time, links that progress to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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  • May 15, 2018

    New initiative launched to support Canada’s low-carbon transition

    Carbon Transitions Initiative will work with partners at the national, regional and local levels, focusing on key action areas such as: industry competitiveness and carbon; agricultural opportunities and carbon; interprovincial cooperation and alignment on climate policy; and climate communications to build public support for action.

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