Ronja Bechauf

Policy Advisor

Ronja Bechauf is a Policy Advisor with IISD’s Economic Law and Policy Program. She works with the Infrastructure and Finance team to advise on sustainable infrastructure and green public procurement. 

Ronja applies the Sustainable Asset Valuation (SAVi) methodology to help policy-makers make informed infrastructure decisions. In her role with the Nature-Based Infrastructure Global Resource Centre, Ronja conducts research on the value of nature for climate adaptation and how nature-based infrastructure (NBI) can meet the needs of communities. She also manages the NBI Academy, planning and running the 5-week live program on the benefits of NBI, helping stakeholders to make the case for nature-based options over traditional grey infrastructure. 

In addition, Ronja engages with procurement stakeholders to integrate sustainability considerations into public procurement processes. She advises governments on methods for green public procurement and researches tools which help leverage the power of procurement in achieving sustainable development goals.

Previously, Ronja supported the team as a Policy Consultant and fellow of the Carlo Schmid program, writing about infrastructure, sustainable economic recovery and subsidy reforms in the energy sector.

Ronja holds a master’s degree in environmental and infrastructure planning from the University of Groningen and a bachelor’s degree in urban planning from TU Dortmund University. Ronja is based in Germany and speaks English, German, and Spanish.

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Areas of expertise
Public Procurement
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Bachelor's Degree, Urban Planning, TU Dortmund University, 2019
Master's Degree, Environmental and Infrastructure Planning, University of Groningen, 2021
Languages spoken
English, German, Spanish