Robert Smith

Senior Associate

Robert Smith is an Associate for IISD assisting with its work in measurement and knowledge management. 

He has over 20 years’ expertise in environment-economy statistics, energy and climate change, sustainable development, natural capital and national accounting. At the outset of his career, Robert worked in various analyst positions in the National Accounts and Environment Division, Statistics Canada and, after a series of promotions, served for ten years as Director (EX-2) of the Environmental Accounts and Statistics Division, Statistics Canada. He was also assigned, through a Government of Canada Fellows Program, to the position of Director of Network Transformation for Telus Communications, where he streamlined contract solicitation processes and introduced environmental sustainability goals in Telus’ data centre design and operations.

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Areas of expertise
Measurement, Assessment, and Modelling
Natural Capital
Statistical Analysis
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Master of Sciences – Environmental Studies, York University, 1993
Bachelor of Sciences – Engineering Chemistry, Queen’s University, 1988