David Hoffmann

Policy Analyst

David Hoffmann is a policy analyst with the IISD Resilience Program. His work focuses on National Adaptation Plan (NAP) processes, strategic communications, and climate adaptation financing. David is helping policy-makers in the Pacific and Sub-Saharan Africa better understand and communicate the risks and opportunities presented by climate change. His work will help these countries build the capacities needed to effectively plan for and manage these risks.

Before joining IISD, David worked in policy research, public sector evaluation, and project management in the fields of climate change adaptation and sustainable economic development.

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Areas of expertise
Climate Change Adaptation
Economic Development
National Adaptation Plans
Climate Adaptation Financing
Strategic Communications
Staff type
MSc in Urban Economic Development, University College London, U.K, 2014
Bachelor of Arts in Politics, Economics and Philosophy, The University of York, U.K, 2013
Languages spoken
English, French, Spanish, German