Dan Woynillowicz

Principal of Polaris Strategy + Insight

With two decades of experience working at the interface between climate change policy and politics, Dan offers a unique blend of skills, relationships, and experience. As the Principal of Polaris Strategy + Insight, he helps diverse public, private, and civil society clients navigate the energy transition and find opportunities for climate solutions. Before starting Polaris Strategy + Insight, he was the Deputy Director at Clean Energy Canada, a program at Simon Fraser University, where he oversaw research and analysis that informed strategic policy and communications advice to federal and provincial governments. 

Throughout his career, he has researched and written numerous reports on the environmental, economic, and political dimensions of the energy transition in Canada. He is frequently called upon to testify before regulatory and legislative bodies and quoted in the media, and he regularly publishes commentary in Canada’s leading publications.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in environmental science and a Master of Arts in environment and management.

In 2019 he received a Clean50 award for advocacy, recognizing his leadership in advancing clean energy solutions.

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