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Trade and Green Economy: A handbook (Third Edition)

This joint effort by the International Institute for Sustainable Development and the United Nations Environment Programme is aimed mainly at those with some knowledge about trade, environment or development, but who are not experts on the intersection of the three.

It is also a practical reference tool for policy-makers and practitioners. But the target audience is not just government policy-makers; the media and public will also find it useful. The handbook uses clear language and minimal jargon.

The handbook explains how trade can affect prospects for a green economy—for better and for worse—and how environmental concern can work through the trading system to foster or frustrate development in both rich and poor countries.

The second edition of the handbook (2005) was a widely acclaimed success, and it has now been completely updated for 2015. New sections address issues such as the Doha agenda, regional trade and investment agreements, green industrial policy and biofuels, analysis of new World Trade Organization panel rulings, as well as topical issues such as trade and climate change.

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